The emaciated whale at Downings.
© IWDG/Facebook
The emaciated whale at Downings.
There has been a high number of stranded cetaceans in the last few weeks

There has been a recent spate of strandings reported to the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group (IWDG), including two in Donegal.

On December 27 alone, six animals were reported with three of these being live strandings.

A spokesperson for IWDG said: "A very emaciated Cuvier's beaked whale live stranded on Dooey Beach in Downings.

"IWDG Donegal local group were mobilised, although the animal died shortly after live stranding."

One common dolphin was reported live stranded from Galway with serious injuries. The dolphin died within 20 minutes of IWDG arriving to the seen.

A second common dolphin was reported live stranded from Mulranny, County Mayo. A local rescue group refloated this animal and it was not seen again.

In addition, three more animals were reported already dead. One common dolphin was found stranded at Rathmullen.

The IWDG spokesperson said: "National Parks and Wildlife Service received a video of a dolphin swimming in the area the day before.

"Although it can not be confirmed, the video paired with the fresh state of the carcass suggests this may have also been a live stranding."

Another common dolphin was reported from Greenore, County Louth, also in very fresh condition. The IWDG local group in Louth were mobilised.

Finally, an animal in very poor body condition was reported from Passage East, County Waterford.

The spokesperson said: "Due to the advanced state of decomposition, we were unable to determine the species, and will therefore have to be logged as 'dolphin species.'

"Please continue to report all strandings to the IWDG so we respond immediately and monitor the status of our whales and dolphins."

Strandings and sightings can be reported at or via the IWDG reporting app.