By any and every possible measure, these messenger RNA gene therapy injections are the most lethal treatments ever released, being non-FDA or Medsafe registered and still only released as experimental drugs for an emergency. Our government, and many others, is completely ignoring the deaths and injuries occurring soon after the injection, and now involving children. This is inexplicable and a complete dereliction of pharmacovigilance, which should see drugs in clinical trials very closely watched by professional trial administrators, with immediate halting and investigations of any "signals" that arise.

That billions of doses have been given does not change their experimental nature. Time is required to observe what happens, and a wide range of different problems, or data end-points, must be watched for.

There is lots of worrying new information about how these shots cause problems, that wasn't available before the drugs were released into humans. Remember, there were no standard animal trials, or preclinical trials in adults or children. It's not as if we weren't warned. And here.

Career vaccinologists have been screaming blue murder - and we mean people who have actually made vaccines, unlike our New Zealand ones who are paid just to promote and cheer-lead them unquestioningly. They warn that the pharma scientists have made a terrible mistake. Others say this is overly charitable, given that an internet search of even the disclosed ingredients turns up non-safety-tested or known-to-be toxic chemicals. Worse, the details of some ingredients are being withheld.

What is obvious is that the spike protein IS the cause of disease symptoms and the injection side-effects, but the vaccinated churn out much more of it from the cells infected by the jab than do covid-19 patients, and for longer, up to 15 months by some research. Yes, they then make antibodies, but only a narrow range of limited duration (hence regular boosters are planned to maintain one's status as 'fully vaccinated', but with ZERO clinical trials to predict any problems). Also, the jabbed lack the all-important IgA antibody subset, made by the linings of the air passages at the first contact with infecting microbes. This is why so many vaccinated are still infectious.

Other research confirms that children ARE getting vaccine myocarditis, around 8 times as many who end up in hospital with covid-19 even in heavily infected areas, and roughly half will suffer shortened and unpleasant lives. Many children will be sacrificed to save a single life from covid-19, itself very little trouble to them.

The main casualty of the vaccine are tiny blood vessels that become inflamed and even blocked, leading to symptoms in the musculoskeletal, nervous and cardiac systems that characterize serious injury following the shots. These places have the most blood vessels. It is really not rocket science.

Teams of pathologists in both Austria and Germany have seen changes in post-vaccine autopsies never encountered before with any other disease or treatment. This is one reason why so many doctors dismiss vaccine injury as a possible diagnosis. They don't understand what they are seeing.

Cells that lose their blood supply will die. Many of these cannot be replaced. The difference between serious injury and death may be just good luck, if one can use that term.

We're From the Government, How Can we Help?

All of the forgoing validates the important work done by ordinary but heroic Kiwis as they bear witness to the injuries and deaths, by compiling and maintaining databases, in the absence of prompt and visible 'guardianship' of our team of 5 million by Medsafe et al. As we experience more and more cruel and inhumane punishment of the remaining dubious and anxious people exercising their basic human rights, and as the kids now get tricked, bribed and lied to, we see messaging that now normalizes strokes and heart attacks in the young.

No! Hen's teeth are more common than kids and twenty-somethings dying in their sleep; professional super-fit athletes dropping dead during the game; chest pain and severe headaches in children etc.

These ordinarily very rare occurrences can't be dismissed as just a normal day's work for the Grim Reaper, as he scythes his usual toll of 80 or so Kiwis daily. Research proves that only 14% of deaths reported to the usual monitoring systems like CARM, VAERS, Yellow Card etc are easily dismissed as not being due to the vaccine, but you have to actually investigate them, Medsafe. Don't criticize the compassionate folk at the Citizen's Database, and ourselves, for raising possibilities and then say "not enough information". Go and find it, before it is just too late. The 'signals' are shrieking worldwide, honestly.

The short term harm from vaccines is just part of the story, and already heavily vaccinated countries are seeing a "mysterious" rise in all-cause mortality in the fully jabbed under-50s, from strokes, heart attacks, blood clots. Sound familiar? But wait, there's more.

A bombshell laboratory study proves that we should be concerned for increasing cancer down the line, and 'biological plausibility' for fertility effects remains strong. But we will not be able to prove the vaccine did it, as both mRNA companies halted their placebo groups early on (and Pfizer appears to have fudged the death numbers, as well as other elements of its now-famous trial.

With close to 100% coverage envisaged by Minister "by whatever means necessary" Hipkins and Prime Minister "we will not make it compulsory" Ardern, Kiwis will have little chance of ever proving health effects appearing in the future from this experiment, for which the manufacturer has no liability.

As Austria announces prison for vaccine refusers in the New Year we wonder at what point our government will stop bothering with vaccine injury reports altogether. The truth must be told for as long as possible.