A Hsinchu County man died on Sunday (Oct. 10) due to massive blood loss after being attacked by a pitbull, CNA reported.

The Hsinchu County Fire Bureau received reports on Sunday afternoon that a 53-year-old male was attacked by a dog in Hsinchu County's Jianshi Township. The victim reportedly had been drinking and attempting to play with the pitbull, which belonged to one of his friends, when the dog attacked.

The man suffered a wound to the thigh that reached his artery. He collapsed after bleeding profusely.

When paramedics arrived, he had lost vital signs. He later died in the hospital.

Hsinchu County's Animal Disease Control Center said in a press release that it will investigate the conditions under which the dog was raised.

Currently, about 100 dogs in the county have been listed as dangerous.

The Council of Agriculture (COA) now consider pitbulls as dangerous dogs and prohibits the public from importing, exporting, raising, and breeding them based on the Animal Protection Act. Pitbulls that predate the COA's action are grandfathered in, but they must be registered, while pet shops are also prohibited from selling them.