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Former South African president Jacob Zuma's arrest sparked widespread riots and looting in the country
The Constitutional Court has dismissed former president Jacob Zuma's application to have the contempt of court judgment against him rescinded.

In its majority judgment on Friday, the apex court ruled that Zuma had not met the requirements of a rescission application. The court also awarded a costs order against Zuma.

A majority decision by the Constitutional Court previously found that Zuma was in contempt of court after he ignored an order from the same court to appear before the Zondo Commission.

The court sentenced Zuma to 15 months' imprisonment.

Zuma had since served two months of his sentence, before being released on medical parole by the national commissioner of correctional services, Arthur Fraser.

The thrust of Zuma's main argument in his rescission application was that his rights had been violated because he was convicted and sentenced without trial for refusing to appear before the commission.

Another bone of contention was the fact that Zuma was jailed for contempt of court.

In opposing the application, the commission contended that Zuma had not been detained without trial, but rather that he had a fair trial according to a procedure suitable for contempt of court proceedings.

The commission added that Zuma knew there was an application to hold him in contempt, and had refused to make representations despite having the opportunity to do so.

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