A sign in snow in Amsterdam. 6 Apr 2020
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A sign in snow in Amsterdam. 6 Apr 2020
With an average temperature of 6.7 degrees Celsius, last month was the coldest April since 1986. The average temperature lay 3.2 degrees below the norm of 9.9 degrees in April, Weer.nl reported.

The drop in temperatures was particularly evident in Drenthe. Eelde in Drenthe recorded a total of 18 frost days in April, the highest number throughout the country. The village also measured the lowest temperatures nationwide last month. On April 26, temperatures fell to minus 4.5 degrees Celsius.

Temperatures had even been higher in February this year compared to April 2021. On February 24, temperatures crept up to 18.7 degrees, higher than the warmest temperature in April at 17.8 degrees in certain areas.

The chilly weather allowed for a total of ten snow days in at least one part of the country. Normally, there are only about 2.5 snow days in the fourth month of the year. It is the first time since 1977 there have been as many reports of snow in the Netherlands in April.

The weather became considerably sunnier during the second part of last April. Overall, the sun shone for 30 more hours than normal last month. In Vlissingen, it was the sunniest with a total of 255 sun hours.