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© Health Advisory & Recovery Team (HART)
The Health Advisory and Recovery Team (HART) is a group of highly qualified UK doctors, scientists, economists, psychologists and other academic experts, including sceptical stars whose pieces have been featured or flagged up in Lockdown Sceptics such as Dr John Lee, Dr Clare Craig, Dr Malcolm Kendrick, Joel Smalley, Prof David Livermore, Prof David Seedhouse, Prof David Paton and Dr Gary Sidley.

The team has now produced its most devastating piece of work to date. The new report, entitled "COVID-19: an overview of the evidence", was sent to MPs today to encourage them to vote against the renewal of the Coronavirus Act in the coming week. With over 50 pages of meticulously referenced evidence from specialists in their fields, it shows beyond doubt why the Government's response to the coronavirus outbreak has been ineffective and disastrous and a new approach is required.

"The data is in," it declares on the cover. "Lockdowns serve no useful purpose and cause catastrophic societal and economic harms. They must never be repeated in this country."

Here's the full contents to whet your appetite:
  • COVID policies and harm to children - Professor Ellen Townsend; Dr Karen Neil
  • COVID-19 vaccination in children - major ethical concerns - Dr Ros Jones
  • Vaccine passports - an ethical minefield - Dr Malcolm Kendrick
  • Asymptomatic spread - who can really spread COVID-19? - Dr John Lee
  • Economic impacts - the true cost of lockdowns - Professor David Paton; Professor Marilyn James
  • Mutant strains and the futility of border closures - Dr Gerry Quinn
  • 'Zero Covid' - an impossible dream - Professor David Livermore
  • Masks - do the benefits outweigh the harms? - Dr Gary Sidley
  • Psychological impact of the Government's communication style and restrictive measures - Dr Damian Wilde
  • Lockdowns - do they work? - Professor Marilyn James
  • Mortality data and COVID-19 - Joel Smalley
  • The ONS Infection Survey: a re-evaluation of the data - Dr Clare Craig; Dr Paul Cuddon
  • Promising treatment options - Dr Ros Jones; Dr Edmund Fordham
  • Care homes - we must do better for the most vulnerable in society - Dr Ali Haggett
  • Ethical considerations of the COVID-19 response - Professor David Seedhouse
Read it here, share it on social media, and why not send it to your MP? The more who do, the more likely they are to peek inside.

Stop Press: The report has been endorsed by Sir Graham Brady MP, who said:
"The World Health Organisation said last year that lockdowns should be seen as a last resort because of the massive harms that they do. This report is a helpful review of the evidence showing the devastating consequences of lockdown in terms of missed diagnoses, deferred treatments and the crisis in mental health, especially for children and young people. It makes grim but important reading."