Russian website acknowledges the cold. "Record frosts in 11 US states," reads the title. "Coldest February 16 in the history of meteorological observations."

Yesterday we wrote about abnormal cold in Louisiana and Texas. But that ended up being just the beginning of the intensification of severe cold.

Coldest February 16 in the history of meteorological observations

Earlier this week, record low temperatures were recorded in more than 20 US cities. It was the coldest February 16 in the history of meteorological observations, according to the country's National Meteorological Service.

Thus, in Lincoln and Hastings in Nebraska, the cold intensified to -35 and -34 degrees, respectively. The previous absolute lows for these cities were -18°F and -13°F degrees, respectively. In Sioux City, Iowa, a record eighty-five years ago (1936) was broken, the new temperature for February 6 was -33°F.

Abnormally low temperatures were observed in 11 states: Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, Tennessee, Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana.

Thanks to Martin Siebert for this link.

Those old record lows, at least in Oklahoma, were not only broken, they were shattered.

According to my friend Dan Hammer in Oklahoma City, their -14°F on February 16 broke the old record by 18 degrees. And the -6°F broke the old record of +7°F by 13 degrees.

That is serious, serious cold.