Prof Peter Daszak
Prof Peter Daszak is part of the WHO Coronavirus Investigation team currently visiting the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) in China.

According to the NIH's own funding documents, Prof Peter Daszak was the ECOHEALTH ALLIANCE, INC. Project Leader for Collaborating with the Wuhan Institute Of Virology (WIV) into Bat Corona-Viruses Gain-Of-Function (GoF) research.

GoF research is virologist jargon for making genetic modification to non-human hosted viruses in the lab to make them more virulent and transmissible as a way of gauging how many mutations it takes to make a virus in another species able to jump to and infect humans. Some scientists argue that this GoF research is necessary to gauge how close the world is to the next pandemic. The project began in 1-JUN-2014 and funding began in 24-JUL-2019. All great in theory provided there are no accidental leaks from labs.

The reason this GoF research was being funded by the US in China is that a moratorium was placed on this kind of risky research in both the US and Europe.

Several questions arise:
1) How is Prof Peter Daszak involved in the investigation when he has ...
a) a clear conflict of interest with his prior bat coronavirus GoF research collaboration with the WIV?
b) publicly condemned suggestions of the possibility of a leaked bat coronavirus from a lab as conspiracy theory, so is clearly not able to assess the possibility impartially.

2) Upon whose recommendation was Prof Peter Daszak included in the WHO virus investigation?

3) Given his past collaboration with the WIV Lab in China, was his inclusion at China's request?