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Arizona county population densities
Arizona signed onto the Texas case against Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Georgia but what's strange is their own house is not exactly in order.

Tonight it was reported that Arizona became the 18th state to join Texas's suit against Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Georgia.

But Arizona's house is certainly not in order itself. Statistician Bobby Piton was interviewed and he discussed his findings on Arizona fraudulent vote tallies this year. His introduction is summarized as follows:
Absolutely breathtaking systemic [sp] fraud is what I see when I look at Arizona's results. The number of ballots cast was 3,420,565 in 2020 versus 1,037,550 in 1998. The Great State of Arizona had 2,383,015 MORE people vote in 2020 vs 1998.

The number of people in the Great State of Arizona grew by 1,756,241 by my estimate. The Bogus estimate is showing that the population of the State grew by 2,216,503. WOW. This is SUPER DUPER IMPRESSIVE.

The Great State of Arizona had every SINGLE NEW PERSON added to its population VOTE - 100% of all new Arizonans that entered the State since 1998 voted (so no one under 18 must have entered) + 166,511 More People Voted than the population growth; hence the creation of Phantom Sleeper Voters.
Here is his interview:

Arizona is being played by the Democrats.