That's winter, as in WINTER.

Up to half a meter of snow in high altitudes, while the meteorological station of Cogulla, in Cerler registered the minimum for the country on Sunday with -5.9 degrees.

The Cogulla meteorological station, located in Cerler, at 2,300 meters, registered the minimum in the country on Sunday at -5.9 degrees.

Torla was the second coldest with -1.9 (in Cebollar, at 1,900 m) and Panticosa, the third, with -1.1 (in Petrosos, at 1,850). Among the top ten places, the 2 degrees of Benabarre also stand out, as this station is located in a population center.

At the Aemet meteorological station in Sarrios, in the Formigal ski resort, 25 centimeters accumulated on Saturday.

Above 2,800 meters, the snow will not go away, says Joan María Vendrell, he guard of refuge Góriz (Fanlo) refuge, who on Saturday took out his skis near this shelter at 2,200 meters in the Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park. At a similar altitude is Respomuso (Sallent de Gállego), which in this episode has reached 55 cm.

Not at the beginning of winter, but at the beginning of autumn

"We are at the beginning of autumn, nobody thinks that we are in winter." The delegate of the State Meteorological Agency in Aragon thus referred to the precipitous change in weather this weekend. After the passage of the storm 'Odette', with up to half a meter of snow in high altitudes, Rafael Requena clarified that the unusual "is not that the snow appears in September, a month ago it did in the summits and it was August, the unusual thing is the quantity and the thermal contrast ".

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