dog attack
Toddler died after 10 days in hospitalA two-year-old boy has died as a result of his injuries after he was attacked by the family's German Shepherd dog while celebrating his second birthday.

The incident unfolded on 18 September in Selydove, a small town in eastern Ukraine.

The toddler, Yegor, died after 10 days in hospital where he remained in critical condition on a ventilator and kidney dialysis.

Before the incident, the boy had reportedly walked outside while his parents sat with guests.

The dog broke free of its enclosure and attacked the toddler in a courtyard.

When they realised he was missing, Yegor's parents went to search for him before finding him unconscious.

He was taken by military helicopter to Dnipro Regional Children's Hospital.

Following his death, a criminal case has been launched against his parents for failure to fulfil parental duties.

Police spokeswoman Aleksandra Gavrilko said the boy's parents are being interrogated and forensic examinations are under way.

The parents could face up to three years in prison.

In June, a mother from Plymouth was jailed after the family dog attacked her nine-year-old son in a caravan while on holiday.

She was convicted for neglect and sentenced to two years in prison after the boy died of his injuries.