plandemic documentary
This is the follow-up full-length documentary to the short film interview of Dr Judy Mikovits that went viral in May.

Watch and share this online while you can, but beware that it will almost certainly be throttled, black-listed and censored into 'non-existence'. Within hours of the film's launch, the creators' website has already been taken down. As explained in the film itself, the Internet is now almost totally theirs to control and manipulate.

Comment: Update: their website is back online as of 12 noon CET, 20 August 2020.

Download hard copies and organize viewings with friends & families. Spread it via human-to-human contact, thus maintaining digital distancing from 'the Beast' and limiting the means for its agents to interfere with the message.

Download: Pl@ndemic Indoctornation (194 MB)

Message about the film from Pl@ndemic producer Mikki Willis:
After 3 very long months, Pl@ndemic 2: Indoctornation, is here.

What began as a follow-up to Pl@ndemic Part 1 radically evolved over time. As the world became increasingly divided over hot-button topics such as face masks, social distancing, case numbers, hydr0xychloroquine, etc., we made the decision to exclude any mention of those subjects, and instead focus on following the money.

With the help of white-collar crime expert Dr. David Martin, Pl@ndemic 2 exposes the disturbing reality of conflicts of interest, the patent game, and the deadly corruption that pervades our global health organizations.