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Charles Barkley
Basketball legend Charles Barkley provoked the wrath of the mob by saying that players shouldn't feel they have to kneel at games. It appears that if you don't fall in line with collective thought, you lose your 'black card'.

Charles Barkley has long been an outspoken figure in American sports. Since he's retired from playing basketball, he's worked as a commentator and isn't shy about telling people how he feels about things. He's no stranger to controversy, in a sense. However, recently he committed one of the cardinal sins of the Church of Woke by saying it wasn't necessary to kneel in protest at a basketball game.

And immediately, woke Twitter took Barkley to task. One user said Barkley was "speaking for his white golf buddies." Another simply told him to shut the eff up. It seems that Charles Barkley is not allowed to have an opinion when it comes to the sport that he loves. He was even accused of supporting police brutality (when he did nothing of the sort).

Clearly this is egregious when it comes to someone's opinion. Barkley isn't saying anything that would have been controversial even five years ago. No one should feel like they have to kneel in protest if they don't feel as strongly as everyone else. But that doesn't mean they suddenly think that police brutality is right. Or that Derek Chauvin should be considered a national hero. It means they don't want to kneel.

Given Black Lives Matters' statements and actions over the last month, people have a reason to be skeptical. And of course, the NBA has gone all-out in support of BLM, despite the riots and such. Plus you have a rise in anti-Semitism from black personalities, which Barkley called out as well. There's a lot of goofy things going on, and people shouldn't be publicly shamed because they don't agree with some of them.

But this is how the Church of Woke operates. Barkley must be crucified. He is no longer black. He is not part of "the group." He has been voted off the island. Independent thought is not allowed.

After the initial reaction to what Barkley said, he did receive some support from other high-profile black figures, but even they are hounded by nonsense. And this is how we find ourselves at the point we're at: constant public shaming for having a different opinion. You're not even allowed to be black, according to some people, if you have a different opinion. As if your melanin dictates what you should and should not think!

Ultimately, there is no peace for those who challenge the status quo. Even a legend like Charles Barkley must be annihilated. And even if he's right.
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