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The West has encouraged destabilization and divided groups against each other around the globe, but now its own problems are of the same nature, according to Maria Zakharova, Russia's Foreign Ministry spokeswoman.

"By sowing chaos [abroad], they've got chaos at home," Zakharova pointed out, when asked about the reasons for the current unrest in the US and in some European countries, during her appearance on Rossiya 1 TV channel.

"Everything they've been embedding into the world's consciousness - they're reaping it now."

The heated riots involving clashes with police, torched buildings and large-scale looting are a direct consequence of the ideas that Washington has been promoting around the globe in recent years, such as "destabilizing the situation, playing on the inner differences that exist in every country and every society," she said.

The US administration has been actively and openly supporting opposition groups in countries which promoted policies that were undesirable to Washington, swiftly siding with demonstrators in Venezuela, Hong Kong, Iran and elsewhere, no matter how violent these were.

But the US, and parts of Western Europe to a lesser extent, have found themselves gripped by protests, after African-American George Floyd died in police custody in Minneapolis in late May.

Thousands of people took to the streets to decry police brutality and, although many rallies were peaceful, some turned violent in Minneapolis, Washington, New York, Atlanta, Chicago and many other cities.