sixgill sawshark
© Reuters/Andrea Comas
Your average shark
Scientists have chanced upon two new species of peculiar-looking sharks, giving fresh ammunition to meme-makers who delighted in the creatures' comically-long snouts.

The sixgill sawshark boasts a conspicuous snout that has teeth and catfish-like whiskers to help it find prey. Native to the West Indian Ocean, neither of the two new species have been spotted alive in the wild - but that hasn't stopped internet users from giving them face-lifts - in Photoshop.

One enterprising MS Paint expert turned the sharks' frowns upside down, adding a whole new level of weird to already visually-jarring sea creatures.

Then of course, there were those who made the obvious comparisons. A predictable KKK meme emerged from the depths of the internet, as well as a slightly less provocative Coneheads joke.

The shark discovery was for some a much-needed change of pace from around-the-clock coronavirus coverage, but not everyone was amused. First Covid-19, now new kinds of sharks?