Voting booths
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Allegheny County is being sued after being accused of not properly clearing voter rolls.

The Public Interest Legal Foundation filed the lawsuit that claims the voter rolls have more than 7,000 voters registered multiple times and lists more than 1,500 voters who are now dead.

The group also says one voter was registered seven times to vote.

"We are not assigning any kind of bad intent to the registered voters of Allegheny County. We don't even really believe they know this is happening. This appears to be errors that are occurring inside the four walls of the elections office," Public Interest Legal Foundation spokesman Logan Churchwell said.

This is not the first time that Allegheny County has been accused of not clearing records.

Action News Investigates found some of the same issues in 2004, including thousands of voters being registered twice and multiple votes being cast by the same people in the same elections.

The legal foundation is asking the county to increase its efforts to maintain voter lists.