snow fall
A town southwest of Mankato reported more than 15 inches!

It snowed hard for a solid eight hours or so across southern Minnesota and the result is as much of a foot of powder accumulating in some locations. But there's one clear-cut winner with Lake Crystal - just southwest of Mankato - reporting a massive 15.5 inches.

As of 12 p.m., most of the snow has ended outside of some flurries or light snow. Generally, it appears that the Mankato and Rochester areas picked up 7-10 inches while slightly higher totals accumulated in southwest Minnesota, near Marshall.

The metro area (leaderboard for the metro further down in the story) had varying totals, with lower amounts on the north side and higher totals in the southern suburbs.

These numbers may be adjusted with future updates, but here are some preliminary tallies for locations across the southern half of Minnesota.

15.5 inches - Lake Crystal

12.5 inches - St. James

12 inches - Lynd, Minneota

11 inches - Marshall

10.8 inches - North Mankato

10.5 inches - Redwood Falls, Morgan

10 inches - Rochester, Minneota

9 inches - Dodge Center, Pemberton, Stewartville, Waseca

8.8 inches - Belview, Henderson,

8.5 inches - Mankato

8.2 inches - Bird Island

8 inches - Chatfield, Douglas, Grand Meadow, Fremont, Owatonna, Predmore, Spring Valley, Stockton, Wilson, Winnebago