monty python britain UK passport
Screenshot of Daily Express blue passport with Monty Python inscription around UK coat of arms.
The Daily Express newspaper has been mercilessly trolled online after publishing a fake blue British passport that includes the quote: "Your mother was a hamster" from the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

The Brexit-backing paper posted a story on Wednesday with the headline: 'Britons will fly to 2020 summer holiday destinations on classic BLUE passport.' It pictured the outgoing burgundy passport which includes the "European Union" title alongside the new iconic blue passport with the hilarious Monty Python quote.

The fake image originated from the Monty Python team on Twitter in 2018, with the added line: "Your father smelt of elderberries." The embarrassing gaffe was picked up by one person on Twitter, prompting an avalanche of responses, mocking the paper's calamitous error.

Some people jokingly suggested that the government printers should be hacked so that "all new UK passports look like this. It would make #Brexit worth everything." Others suggested that it was a fitting tribute to Monty Python member Terry Jones who died on Tuesday at the age of 77.

There was also the obligatory gifs and memes.

The return of the blue British passport which was replaced by the burgundy one in 1988 is seen by many Brexiteers as an important symbolic step, as the UK begins its transition to life outside the EU on January 31.