Shocking moment four pedestrians are swallowed by a sinkhole

Shocking moment four pedestrians are swallowed by a sinkhole
In an unexpected turn of events, a sinkhole in China swallowed at least four people and a motorbike after the road underneath them vanished suddenly.

It happened in Nanning, the provincial capital of the China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and the footage showed that initially a man walking casually on a road between the two building swallowed him.

He was later seen coming out of it and analyzing the situation, when three others gathered around him to inquire his condition.

However, as soon as the four were standing, the road underneath them once again disappeared, swallowing all of them and a motorbike standing at the corner of the road.

The incident, however, caused no serious injuries to the victims, who fell into a pit, which measured three metres (9.8 feet) long, one metre (3.3 feet) wide and one metre deep.

It is believed the hole was caused by leaked water from underground drainage system. The local authority has started to repair the damage.

Sinking roads swallowing even large objects not only occur in China but also other parts of the world.

In one such incident reported a month back, a woman and daughter escaped with non-life threatening injuries when her car plummeted into a large sinkhole in southern Brazil.

In the video, it can be seen that a truck drove down a street in Brazil, opening a large sinkhole as it passed. A few seconds later, a car drove over it and was swallowed.