Zelensky Donbass
The main news of today was Zelensky's visit to the village of Zolotoye and his communication with Ukrainian Nazis. The bulk of information resources claim that Zelensky tried to personally negotiate with the mutinous Ukrainian Nazis, but nothing transpired, and he embarrassed himself. Other sources claim it was the "last Chinese warning" to the Nazis. Others simply scoffed at the guarantor.

I have a completely different narrative. Zelensky often gets into funny stories and has worked as a clown all his life, that's true. But this doesn't mean he's a complete imbecile. You know, in detective novels, if you want to find a criminal, ask yourself "Who benefits?". So, let's wonder why the whole president of the state was in the front-line village for two days.

In order to persuade the Nazis not to impede the disengagement of troops? I don't think so. To do this, Zelensky has security forces at hand that could easily disarm and detain the Nazis without noise and dust at night. We also do not forget that the Nazis under the control of Avakov, who after receiving from Zelensky "economic" control of the Kharkov and Odessa regions, not to mention the eternal post of the Minister of Internal Affairs, became very loyal to the President.

To make a final and harsh warning? It doesn't take the president to waste precious state time to do that. It is possible to jail Biletsky for 15 days or warn him with a video message. Or create a Facebook post, as the guarantor had previously practiced.

For PR? Very questionable. Judging by the organisation of this event, the goal of the PR was not worth it.

What happened in the end? As a result, there was a scandal inflated by the Nazis. Zelensky looked pathetic. There were no results, except for the scandal, and Zelensky could not help but know about such a result. I'm sure all this action is nothing more than a performance. A performance for the sake of scandal, for the sake of implementing the main plan - the elimination of the Minsk protocol and the freezing of the conflict on other terms. I've written about it before. That Minsk does not benefit Kolomoisky, who expects huge foreign investments under the land market and legalisation of gambling. Investments can only enter after the hot phase of the conflict has stopped. The Minsk Protocol is too long a procedure, and they want money now, while all power is in their hands. And this performance is necessary to strengthen in the eyes of the world community the image of a peacekeeper who was prevented by evil Nazis from building peace and threatened with a new coup and a new hot conflict, but already in Western Ukraine. Therefore, Western partners will quite agree to the freezing of the conflict, following the example of Abkhazia and Transnistria.