amazon fires
© AP Photo/Eraldo Peres

Guardian claiming a plant in the UK hasn't reproduced in 60 million years but has begun to grow both male and female cones because of climate change, but the last inter-glacial 130,000 years prior was 2-3C warmer than today. Brazilian rain-forest losses far greater in 1995, 2004-2005 than today by a factor of 4X.

Winter is Coming Cycles of Change Presentation: A comprehensive PDF slide presentation with accompanying MP3 narration of the slides by David DuByne, author of Climate Revolution. Over an hour of detailed explanation and documentation of the rapidly approaching periods of life-changing cold we will soon experience and how it will reduce global crop yields leading to a prolonged economic contraction.

Climate Revolution: A 'Must Read' for understanding our Sun driven climate as we progress deeper into the new Eddy Grand Solar Minimum. Weather extremes leading to Global food scarcity and high food prices are here now, and this book describes the expected changes, how to survive & thrive during future challenging times with practical preparations.