At least four sinkholes have been registered so far in August in Mazatlan, generating accidents and road problems, and will be resolved with 15 million pesos.

The Director of Welfare and Social Development, Tonatiuh Guerra Martínez, indicated that the resources will be applied through his address because Jumapam does not have extra resources.

"In recent days, due to the natural wear and tear that has been in the primary communication channels, there have been undercuts that we are already aware of, and since Jumapam has no money, the president instructed us that through Social Welfare, resources will be rebuilt to help the Board compose those four undercuts, "he said.

He announced the four sinkholes that are generating traffic problems, mainly the one on Mexico 15 International Avenue with Insurgentes.

"The four undercuts are the one by Pedro Infante, Jorge Negrete, Nichikawa and Mexican Army Avenue, all of them asked us to resolve them immediately."

"It's like 15 million pesos for the four," he said.

He explained that Mazatlan is the only municipality in all of Sinaloa that has rebounded with the largest number of sinkholes in a single month, and so far this year.
Source: reaccion informativa