Prince William County police tweeted out this
© Prince William County
Prince William County police tweeted out this photo Friday evening of the car being removed from the sinkhole.
A portion of Princedale Drive in Woodbridge, Virginia, remains closed after a large fissure split the street in half on Thursday, swallowing at least one vehicle.

The first reports of a gaping hole in the ground came around 6:15 p.m. Thursday, forcing Prince William County officers to close Princedale Drive between Roundtree Drive and Saddler Lane.

Video and photos from the scene showed the sinkhole in the shoulder of Princedale Drive, extending across the entire roadway.

Here's another video capturing a car falling into the sinkhole. Viewer discretion is advised for strong language.

On Thursday evening, county police said the stricken road segment will remain closed "for an undetermined amount of time" until crews with the Virginia Department of Transportation can make repairs.

As of Friday morning, it was unclear what caused the behemoth sinkhole to form or precisely when it will open.