A surprise storm brought more snow to Northern Utah on Wednesday, and skiers and snowboarders were quick to take advantage.

"It is phenomenal, there is a lot of snow," said Jack Schlaf, a skier up at Snowbasin Wednesday.

Davy Ratchford, the general manager of Snowbasin, said the resort at one point got 15 inches of snow in 24 hours.

"Everybody takes the day off of work, it's called the powder flu," said Schlaf.

Many were on the mountain to get their fill of the mid-week fresh powder.

"Oh it was fabulous, super deep," said skier Randy Pearson.

Ratchford said Snowbasin has gotten eight feet of snow in 18 days, which is unprecedented.

"It's been an amazing season so far; we are definitely having a record year," he said. "This will be this biggest year Snowbasin has ever had."

And the season isn't even over yet.

"Feels like we are only getting started — it's kind of crazy. We have another eight weeks to go," Ratchford said.

Many on the mountain Wednesday said this is the best snow season they've seen in several years.

"This is a big banner year, it hasn't stopped snowing, what, almost two weeks?" said skier Rick Montgomery. "It's just unreal."

For the first time in a few years, it appeared Utah was living up to its "greatest snow on Earth" fame.

"Finally a great ski season," Montgomery said. "Utah is back."