Snoqualmie ski resort after 4-foot snow dump

Snoqualmie ski resort after 4-foot snow dump
You know a whole bunch of snow has fallen when even the ski resorts say it might have been a little excessive.

Between the Snoqualmie Summit resort measurements and WSDOT measurements along nearby I-90, about 48-53 inches of snow fell over a 48 hour period into Tuesday morning.

"We haven't seen this much snow, in this short of a period, in several years," Snoqualmie Summit officials wrote on Twitter. "The snow isn't letting up and I-90 is still closed."

"It feels wrong to say it, but we may have gotten too much snow."

The resort remained closed Tuesday as access via I-90 remained blocked due to severe weather conditions and high avalanche danger.

But it wasn't just Snoqualmie Pass that had plenty (too much?) snow. At Paradise Ranger Station, the weather station measured up to 32 inches of new snow-- until the snow topped the gauge! So more snow fell, but unknown how much more.

Crystal Mountain also reported about 4 feet of snow in 48 hours:

"Bring your snorkels," they joked on Twitter.

There is more snow in the forecast later this week and into the weekend for the mountains, but in ranges where it'll be more easily handled...and more likely welcomed by ski resorts!