maduro troops drill venezuela
© Miraflores Palace / Handout via Reuters
Ahead of the grand military drills, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro visited several bases to demonstrate that his legitimacy is backed by the army, which is ready to defend the nation from potential foreign interventions.

After the US pledged full support for the self-proclaimed "interim president" of Venezuela, Juan Guaido, not ruling out a 'humanitarian' military intervention if need be, Maduro said the National Armed Forces must be prepared to defend Venezuela "in any scenario" and announced massive exercises between February 10 and 15.

"We are preparing for the most important military exercises in our history," Maduro reiterated on Sunday while inspecting preparations for the exercises.

According to a series of videos he posted on Twitter, over the weekend Maduro visited the 41th Armored Brigade at Fort Paramacay, as well as the Naval Base Agustín Armario in the city of Puerto Cabello, located in the north-central state of Carabobo.

Despite Guaido promising amnesty to soldiers and officers, the Venezuelan Army has largely disavowed the self-proclaimed leader and pledged to defend national sovereignty, according to Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino.