© Sputnik / Maxim Blinov
A school and a local administration in the Russian Far East found themselves at the centre of a scandal after reports that local mobsters were invited to give a "sex-ed" lecture to middle school boys.

A post published on internet board Pikabu, described how teachers gathered male students of 10 to 12 years old in a middle school in Mikhailovskoye settlement to attend a closed lecture.

Allegedly, the lecture was held by local mobsters, invited by the former school principal.

In comments, the user, presumably a parent of one of the schoolboys, said that the lecturers told the children to live "by the code" and warned them that homosexual relationships weren't acceptable and gays "face consequences" in prisons. The boys were reportedly threatened not to tell their parents or other teachers about the lecture.

But rumours eventually started circulating and as the Pikabu post went viral, and made headlines in the Russian media, the story caused understandable indignation from local residents and internet users. Commenters blasted school officials for the "unorthodox teaching approach" and called on officials to intervene.

"It is the 21st century!" one commenter wrote. "Is it romanticization of criminals? This is a real extremism!"

Others tried to find a reasonable explanation for the story, suggesting it was conflict between the children's parents and the school administration.

"You should take your children from this school - they are better off at home. What could they learn in a school like this?" wondered another.

The story quickly went viral and reached the authorities of the region, who launched a probe. But local authorities and the school administration deny any wrongdoing and claim that the information about mobsters wasn't accurate.

Alexander Ukhobotin, the head of the local administration, admitted to journalists there was a lecture but said it was conducted by a school counsellor for a group of students, who bullied and harassed other students, after their parents complained.