St. Michael's golden-domed monastery
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Ukrainian police have searched several Russian Orthodox churches and the homes of Russian Orthodox priests in several cities, amid growing tensions over the fate of Ukraine's competing Orthodox faiths.​

The searches occurred in Kyiv and the nearby Zhytomyr region on December 3 and were part of a criminal investigation into inciting hatred and violence, according to a statement by Ukraine's main security service, the SBU.

Comment: Kiev has already become what they allege to hate. They're behaving like the Soviet KGB.

A police spokeswoman told AFP that security services were searching homes of priests who are loyal to the Russian branch of the Orthodox Church.

The Russian Orthodox Church said a day earlier that more than 20 Orthodox priests had been summoned for questioning by the SBU.

The Istanbul-based organization that serves as the spiritual headquarters for Orthodox Christianity has moved to grant the Ukrainian Orthodox Church independence from oversight by the Russian church in Moscow.

The Russian church has vehemently opposed the move and announced it would break ties in protest.

Tensions have been building amid questions over ownership to churches, monasteries, and historic properties.