elephant well
© Ruptly
Locals spent nearly two hours freeing the trapped elephant.
A trapped elephant who fell 25 feet (7.6 meters) into a well in Sri Lanka was eventually freed by locals following a harrowing and risky rescue mission staged by the concerned community.

Dozens of locals banded together to save the distressed elephant who was struggling to escape the narrow and steep well in Welikanda, eastern Sri Lanka, on Saturday.

Video footage from the scene shows the group using a mini-digger and their bare hands to chisel away at the side of the well. After over an hour of tough work, they eventually eroded the brick enough for the elephant to attempt to maneuver its way out.

When the animal continued to struggle, the group filled the well with soil and gravel to give it some footing. Their incredible efforts finally paid off as the plucky elephant was freed, before being guided by firecrackers and delighted cheers back into the wild.