Antifa grafitti
Antifa thugs threatened an escalation of violence against a 130 year old, mild-mannered social club for Republicans in New York City after vandalizing the establishment overnight.

Volunteers at the Metropolitan Club on New York City's Upper East Side woke Friday morning to spray paint blasted across the front of their building, windows broken, locks glued shut, and a threatening note left by antifa terrorists promising an escalation of violence if the club refused to disinvite speaker Gavin McInnes.

All week local antifa cells have organized on Twitter and Facebook to show up at tonight's speech by McInnes to cause violence and intimidation with the hope of shutting down the event. This morning club members found giant letters 'A' spray painted in yellow on the front of the building alongside a note. A window was broken and locks were damaged with glue.

NY met club
damaged door
"The club was attacked last night. The door as spray painted with the A by antifa and a note was left. The cops came and will be at the club all day. They'll have 20 cops with us tonight," club officer Ian Reilly told DANGEROUS.

Reilly also reported the Democrat mob had been harassing online services the club uses to issue tickets to events. "Yesterday Eventbrite called me because they were getting so many complaints against us," Reilly said. He also reported that the Met Club had received dozens of out-of-state phone calls in the last 24 hours demanding the club cancel the event.

The note left by the antifa thugs sent a threatening message to the Republican Party. "Tonight we put the Republican Party on notice," it began. "Our attack is merely a beginning. We are not passive, we are not civil."

The manifesto went on, "The US fascist political system is one of the most savage institutions in history and we will combat it relentlessly until all are free of American barbarism."

Antifa note
The Met Club is rattled but unbowed. Reilly, speaking on behalf of the club, remained defiant. "On the club's side we are not deterred by these actions nor will we be silenced. We are looking forward to our event tonight with Gavin McInnes." Incidents of harassment and intimidation and the mild-mannered social club are extremely rare. In recent memory only one minor incident has occurred, in December 2017 when a man entered the building and wrote "traitors" on the wall with a pen.

Earlier this week on Twitter, an organization called PeoplesPower posted the address of the Met Club with the message, "Let's Run Gavin McInnes out of town!" It included a picture of a flyer that antifa members had posted around the neighborhood with the headline, "NEO NAZIS ARE COMING TO YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD THIS FRIDAY" and falsely claiming the Proud Boys were involved in the deadly Charlottesville event last year.

The Metropolitan Club is a private social club founded in 1891 by supporters of Teddy Roosevelt for Republicans, Libertarians, and Conservatives of all stripes and is not officially affiliated with the Republican Party, locally or nationally. The club does rent office space to the State GOP party, which is the extent of its relationship. It is a mainstay for New York conservatives and recently has hosted speakers such as Ann Coulter, Tucker Carlson, Ted Cruz, and even this reporter.

McInnes, and his fraternal organization The Proud Boys, have been relentlessly smeared by the media, Southern Poverty Law Center, and ADL as "white nationalists" and a "hate group." The organization is multi-racial and prides itself on being anti-racist, pro-gay, pro-family, and pro-Western civilization.

Upon reviewing the note left by the antifa members, McInnes told DANGEROUS, "It's amazing how obvious it is they are the children of professors. If you're trying to intimidate someone, maybe don't use a bunch of academic claptrap." Tonight's event is sold out.

UPDATED: Sources inside the Met Club tell DANGEROUS two men were caught on surveillance cameras committing the attack. NY GOP Chairman Ed Cox has condemned the violence and called on Democrats to defuse their violent rhetoric, and "cease inciting these attacks and urge civility."