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California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) on Saturday vetoed a proposed ban on smoking at state parks and beaches for the third year in a row.

Three bills passed by state legislators would have imposed $25 fines on the use of tobacco, marijuana and e-cigarettes at parks and beaches, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The measures cited wildfire concerns and public health as reasons to ban smoking in those outdoor areas.

"Third time is not always a charm," Brown wrote in his veto message, according to the LA Times.

"My opinion on the matter has not changed," he continued. "We have many rules telling us what we can't do and these are wide open spaces."

Brown vetoed two other proposed bans in the past three years, saying in 2016 that the ban was "too broad" and "punitive." In 2017, he expressed concerns about the "coercive power of government" in vetoing bills again, according to The Sacramento Bee.

Lawmakers reportedly hoped that the $25 fine proposal, as well as more specific guidelines outlined in the 2018 bills, would have served as enough of a compromise to earn Brown's signature.