Fort St. John, BC | September 12, 2018
© Sherri Robertson
Fort St. John, BC - September 12, 2018
It almost seems like summer in the Okanagan ended in July.

August was smoked out by area forest fires, and once the smoke cleared the sun did come out, but temperatures began to drop.

But it could be worse - a lot worse.

Just ask our cousins in Northern B.C., who woke up Wednesday morning to a blanket of snow.

That's right, the Peace Region of the province was covered with the white stuff and according to the calendar it's still summer.

And they may not be done yet.

According to Environment Canada, there is a chance flurries later this week with temperatures hovering around the 5 C mark.

In the Okanagan meanwhile, the temperature is expected to be 15 C, with a chance of showers for the rest of the week.