PVV councillor Willie Dille
© Gemeente Den Haag
PVV councillor Willie Dille was 53 years old
A councilor for the anti-immigration PVV in The Hague has committed suicide, hours after placing a video online in which she claimed to have been kidnapped and raped to order by a Muslim gang over a year ago.

Comment: Willie Dille's husband has confirmed this to be true to the daily AD.

Willie Dille, 53, who served as an MP for the PVV from 2010 to 2012, said in the video that former PVV MP Arnoud van Doorn, who has since converted to Islam, was behind the attack and that he 'hated her intensely'. The attack happened 'March 15, May 15 2017,' Dille said.

The video, which showed a pale and thin-looking Dille looking around nervously, was removed from social media shortly after it went online.

In it, Dille claims that the gang told her she had to keep her mouth shut in the council debating chamber and that she has been threatened several times since. She ends by saying she is resigning her council seat and apologizing to her family that she cannot go on.

The suicide was confirmed by local PVV leader Karen Gerbrands who said Dille 'could no longer bear what had happened to her and the reactions she had had.'

The Hague mayor Pauline Krikke, issued a statement in which she described Dille as an 'involved and passionate' councillor and colleague. The mayor is cutting short her holiday to deal with the aftermath.

Comment: The same mayor who ordered an investigation into Willie Dille over her home address.

Van Doorn, who now leads a local Islamic party, refused to comment on the alleged attack and said he was considering taking legal action for slander.


A police spokeswoman told the AD on Thursday afternoon that Dille had not made a formal complaint about being attacked.

'We have had multiple contacts with her, including recently,' Hilde Vijverberg said. 'There was talk of rape. We offered her help and said we need a formal complaint and concrete evidence to start an investigation.

'But she did not make a formal complaint and we did not get any concrete information to enable us to launch an inquiry,' Vijverberg is quoted as saying.