National Socialist Movement kids razzia
State terror: What do you do if you want to punish parents for their political beliefs? You go after their kids. Children of national socialists in the Netherlands are being rounded up only days after the end of World War II. They were thrown into concentration camps under deplorable conditions
During the second day of the 22nd International AIDS Conference in Amsterdam on July 24th, South-African actress Charlize Theron praised the Netherlands for its "inclusion, multiculturalism and freedom of expression," claiming that the Dutch capital "was a beacon of openness and acceptance."

When it comes to serving the Left's culture war agenda, the Dutch are certainly very 'tolerant'. In early June, the city of Amsterdam permitted illegal immigrants to go on the rampage, breaking into at least 30 vacant buildings, and even into buildings that were occupied. The temporary mayor of Amsterdam Jozias van Aartsen didn't seem too bothered and even had his photograph taken with the spokesperson of this movement (called We Are Here). Squatting is actually illegal in the Netherlands.

In the Netherlands, "freedom of expression" of course also applies to pedophiles, just as the Dutch trade in child pornography is included in this big happy tolerance party.

The Dutch government sings a different tune, however, when dealing with people who hold beliefs that oppose the government stronghold.

I experienced the heavy-handedness of the Dutch state when I decided to homeschool my children. The authorities first used the criminal courts to force me into submission by claiming I had broken the law (I hadn't). It took four court cases before I was acquitted by the appellate court. Probably incensed by the precedent that my court case created, the civil servant who handled my case at the time, and who hadn't even met my kids, reported me to Dutch Child Protective Services (CPS) - known in the Netherlands as Advies- en Meldpunt Kindermishandeling (AMK) and Raad voor de Kinderbescherming (RvdK), which is part of the Department of Security and Justice and ranks higher than AMK.

Although the court cases were stressful, they were a breeze compared to the ordeal we went through with the CPS. At least the judges were decent (except for the first one who told me to "go back to the UK" if I wanted to homeschool), treated me respectfully, and even enjoyed my case because it was so different from the usual criminal cases. In fact, they told my lawyer beforehand that they were looking forward to it.

As we have reported earlier on SOTT, CPS these days is a very dangerous and powerful branch of government. There are no checks and balances, there is no legal recourse for parents, and court cases take place behind closed doors, which means that juvenile judges can effectively legislate (literally, make up the law) by deciding whatever suits their agenda.

Over subsequent years, five investigations into my family were launched, despite the first one proving that there was nothing 'wrong' with my kids. My lawyer at the time told me that, whatever I do, I should never allow CPS agents to meet my kids. I didn't, which probably ticked them off even more. Instead, I was summoned to interviews at their offices.

The lies they came up with in my file were breathtaking. CPS claimed I was a psychiatric basketcase (although they didn't have any reports from psychiatrists or psychologists to back that up), that my kids were screwed up, and they even mentioned my dual nationality, which was a hot political topic at the time. When I - on my lawyer's advice - decided to work as a volunteer for an organisation that supported parents who were also persecuted by CPS, they launched another investigation, which turned out to be the final one.

This time the civil servant who worked for the Department of Security and Justice opted for a harsher method. At the beginning of the interview, he explained to me that there were three possible outcomes:
  1. They would conclude the investigation;
  2. They would ask the judge for a supervision order;
  3. They would take away my kids.
Although that scared me, I could see that he was trying to terrorize me. The interview, however, together with several reports by various psychologists who testified that there was nothing 'wrong' with my kids, didn't satisfy their fishing expedition. They still demanded to see my children. Only when I told them that I would contact the press and would use several channels to make this case public if they didn't leave us alone - again on the advice of my lawyer - did they back down and conclude their investigation.

The whole saga (including the criminal court cases) lasted for ten years and took a toll on myself and my kids. Other parents would ask me: how can this happen in the Netherlands? But if we look at what happened to Pim Fortuyn, a popular politician who warned two decades ago about the encroaching totalitarianism of political correctness, so-called 'anti-racism', and the destructive effects of mass immigration, it's unsurprising that the dangerous climate the state created by persecuting Fortuyn eventually led to his assassination, and is thus adept at harming its own citizens in the interest of political power.

Party for Freedom leader Geert Wilders has thus far avoided the same fate by having round-the-clock security. And now Thierry Baudet, a young politician of the 'new right', is being dragged through the mud by the same people who would turn the wolves loose on him in the hope that he meets Fortuyn's fate. Whistle-blowers are treated in the same manner.

In 2007, five years after Fortuyn's assassination, former Amsterdam police commissioner Joop van Riessen advocated the assassination of Geert Wilders and the deportation of his 540,000 followers on national television.

The Netherlands has a long history of going after political dissidents.This is the same country which rounded-up children whose parents had been a member of the National Socialist Movement, or who themselves had participated in its youth activities, and threw them into concentration camps in the immediate aftermath of World War II. In an atmosphere of hatred and vengeance, it was only too easy to report someone to the vicarious authorities, even if the report was false.

And today we see these shadows from the past stalk the contemporary institutions that claim to protect children...

The psychopathic elites have mastered sweeping their own sordid affairs under the carpet by very effectively using propaganda. It's a bitter irony that the Netherlands - which is viewed by outsiders, and even Dutch citizens themselves, as an 'enlightened' nation - is ultra-critical of Russia in its twisted effort to project a favourable image of itself.