Comment: Pim Fortuyn was a populist politician in the Netherlands who warned almost two decades ago about the encroaching totalitarianism of political correctness, so-called 'anti-racism' and the destructive effects of mass immigration. A very popular politician, Fortuyn was assassinated by a radical leftist nutjob in 2002.

Geert Wilders has thus far avoided the same fate by having round-the-clock security. And now Thierry Baudet, a young politician of the new right, is being dragged through the mud by the same Dutch media that would turn the wolves loose on him in the hope that he meets Fortuyn's fate.

The following article is from Dutch magazine Novini. Translated by, we're sharing it to give you an idea of the dangerous climate in the Netherlands for anyone brave enough to stand up to the ultra-liberals.

Thierry Baudet
© ANPPolitical leader Thierry Baudet of the Dutch main opposition party, Forum voor Democratie
"Mister Baudet, we have only just begun," cried Dutch D66 leader Alexander Pechtold at the end of an election debate in Amsterdam last week. Pechtold had already lashed out at Thierry Baudet several times, who had to hold his ground in a barrage of malicious and mendacious accusations by, among others, Lodewijk ("Be a man"), Asscher and Jesse ("moral elevated self"), and Klaver. The same Asscher who sat in Mark Rutte's lap for four years without keeping a straight face, he was that servile. Jesse Klaver, who did not manage to fulfill the role of the Messiah and who left the formation talks on his bench-bike in a cowardly manner.

A cleverly made video compilation was published on YouTube on 10 February, in which images of demonising politicians against Fortuyn are interspersed with images of demonising politicians against Baudet. The recording is frightening and nauseating. [Below is a transcript of what was said]

We see a desperate Ad Melkert (PvdA) who returned to Le Pen in order to corner Fortuyn. Ad Melkert, who was meant to succeed Wim Kok. Ad Melkert, who had three freshly squeezed grapefruits before every television debate and photo session which caused his sour facial expression. We see a malicious Thom de Graaf (D66), who quotes from Anne Frank's diary in order to besmirch Fortuyn. The extremist left put it into action and pushed a pie filled with - among other things - excrement in the face of the top candidate of Leefbaar Nederland. We see landowner Marcel van Dam (PvdA) who calls Fortuyn an "inferior human being", which was the first nail in his coffin. And we see an angry and powerless Pim Fortuyn who held the aforementioned politicians responsible for his death at Jensen's talk show - how prophetic.

Pim Fortuyn pie attack
Politician and leader Pim Fortuyn attacked by leftist extremists
Sixteen years later the successors of aforementioned seat-clingers ferociously continue their lynching party. Fortuyn was eliminated. Wilders is eliminating himself, so now Thierry Baudet and the Forum voor Democratie receive all the vitriol and demonization. And they know they can count on the support of the media. Sixteen years ago the oldest Dutch weekly - two days after the pie attack - wrote up a mental evaluation of Pim Fortuyn. Psychologists busied themselves with the top candidate's mental condition.

On 10 February Ruben Koops and Marcel Wiegman wrote a long psychoanalytic piece about Thierry Baudet in the Parool. Based on school memories, lost friendships and Baudet's family history, the journalists interpret the top candidate. The drift of it is obvious, in light of the title of the article: 'The man who watches the whole world kiss his feet'. It is lazy and crass journalism, which does not offer any information and would look good on the tabloid page of De Telegraaf.

We see here the mechanism that Sid Lukassen describes in his dissertation 'The democracy and its media', published by De Blauwe Tijger: how politics under the media's influence has become a form of entertainment. Untruths and wrongly quoted statements are lined up in order to eliminate the opponent. And the big taboo - racism (anti-racism is the ideology of the 21st century, according to French philosopher Alain Finkelkraut) renders every meaningful discussion impossible. The first article of the Constitution - CPN leader Marcus Bakker sends his regards - has nonetheless been elevated to the great sanctifying Commandment.

The proof lies in Pechtold's, Asscher's and Klaver's hysteria in Amsterdam on 9 February.
Translated transcript of the video

On 6 May 2002 Pim Fortuyn was shot dead in cold blood in Hilversum Media Park by left-wing extremist Volkert van der Graaf. Fortuyn had been demonized for months by The Hague politicians of D66, VVD, GroenLinks and PvdA.

The attacks did not focus on his ideas or plans with The Netherlands, but targeted Fortuyn himself. He was a so-called danger, a racist, a fascist and of the extreme right.

The similarities with that point in time are big. Thierry Baudet (FvD) is now a threat to the elite. Not a day goes by for the left that they don't demonize him or blame him for statements that were never made.

Where will it end? What is wrong with the Left and their organized hate campaign built on demonization?

[Melkert:] " As long as other parties flirt with [the idea] that they end up with Fortuyn we will get the same as in France, you wake up and you see Le Pen, you wake up and you see Fortuyn."

[Asscher:] "[...] Be a man, don't be a crybaby with your police report and demonising whining. [Other speaker:] "Complaining". "Everyone has heard you defend, has heard Theo Hiddema defend it, it is science. Nonsense, just take it back. Be a man, all these misunderstandings, we didn't say that, we didn't mean it, it shouldn't have been said. Be a man for once and don't be a crybaby."

[De Graaf:] "Nearby, within walking distance, there is the Achterhuis, the house where Anne Frank - hiding under deplorable circumstances 60 years ago - wrote in her diary and I quote: "I just hope one thing, that this hatred will end, that the Dutch people will show nevertheless who they are, that they will never falter, not now, not ever, in regards to their sense of justice, for this is unjust." In an interview this morning Pim Fortuyn has shown what he would like, thrown off the mask. A country where people with a certain religion, a certain culture, a different background are allowed to be discriminated against. He would like to abolish the first article of our Constitution. That is the basis of our rule of law, which protects the integrity of everybody. That is what the top candidate of Leefbaar Nederland would like to abolish. He knows what he wants, I know what we are fighting against."

[Pechtold:] "But with Wilders I know whom I have got in front of me, discrimination against religion, but you are adding gender, sexual orientation and race [Baudet: "What insanity"] I have got the quotes for you. [Baudet: "Such lies".] I said that apart from religion with Baudet it is about gender, sexual orientation and race. Gender when you say women have to be overpowered, that's what you said. Sexual orientation when you say that one is allowed to refuse but also fire a gay teacher. Said in April 2015. And race. Does Europe Africanize? Does intelligence have anything to do with people or race [...] [Baudet: "That's not what it said."]

[Rosenmöller/GroenLinks:] "The axe at the root of the Constitution and civilization. These aren't just right-wing [politicians], these are right-wing extremists."

[Klaver:] "Interestingly, mr. Baudet hasn't been in the House of Commons long, but all the things he has to retract are accumulating. Erkenbrand, an interesting study club, you talked to the notorious racist, because I would like to conduct research into all kinds of viewpoints. The fact that we have been going on and on about this point of ordinary racism, that's what I would like to call it, for such a long time, that has a reason, because you do not really distance yourself from it, of course I am not in favor of discrimination. But a link has been established between skin color and intelligence."

[Fortuyn:] "That's an accusation. What I am trying ... with my book" [Van Dam to Fortuyn:] "You are an extraordinarily inferior human being. Do you know that?"

[Fortuyn:] "Dutch government, and I think it is a bloody shame, helps to create a climate of demonization of me as a person. And if something happens to me and I am happy that you are giving me this opportunity, if something happens to me, then they will be partly responsible and then they can't renounce it, in the sense that I haven't committed that attack. You have partly created that climate. It has to end."

[Baudet:] "This insanity, this demonization has to end. This nonsense has to stop now." [Pechtold:] Absolutely not. We will go on joyfully. Mr. Baudet, we have only just begun." [Repeat: "We have only just begun".]

Yes, you have heard it correctly. D66 'will continue blithely'. After all, they have 'only just begun'.

In case you are still under the illusion that the left has learned from the painful past..., and consequently from the death of a politician...

[Title article in De Telegraaf:] FORTUYN MURDERED. The whole of The Netherlands deeply shocked by Pim's death.