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Facebook shut down a support page for veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder, claiming the page breached "community guidelines."

According to the Daily Mail, Facebook "closed Fill Your Boots UK (FYB UK) after claiming its content, which included discussions with mentally ill soldiers who were considering ending their lives, breached 'community' guidelines."

"Soldiers suffering from combat-induced traumas after serving in Iraq and Afghanistan would post 'cries for help' on the page on an almost daily basis," they explained, adding, "FYB UK would then issue SOS messages, asking other veterans to rush to their aid."

Facebook, however, refused to reinstate the page despite a series of phone calls made to the company, and the page's founder is now accusing the social network of putting lives at risk.

"Facebook's actions have put soldiers' lives at risk. Guys use the page to express feelings which are really troubling them," declared FYB UK founder and former paratrooper Alfie Usher. "They're desperate for help. It is very hard for them to discuss issues relating to their experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan with their families."

"They'd rather talk to people they meet on FYB UK who have probably experienced the same thing," he continued. "I tried explaining this to Facebook but they just ignored me. I don't think they realise the consequences this could have."

Comment: More likely they don't care and are just protecting their asses.

In a statement to the Daily Mail, Facebook stood by their actions, continuing to claim that the page's content "violates our Community Standards."

The Daily Mail itself was previously temporarily banned for violating community guidelines, along with the page for a men's rights event.

The social network refused to remove a "death to zionist baby killer israeli jews" group in 2014, however, stating that the group fell within their guidelines.

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