Barrie Trower
This past week, my attention was on Wi-Fi in schools as I have a third grader whose school has both cabled internet and Wi-Fi routers. (I spoke this past week to both the school board and the PTA.) When I had asked a school official, a few months ago, why they needed, since the school was already cabled, Wi-Fi, I was told it was so teachers could teach special lessons using IPADs. The official told me the goal was "to blanket" every corner of the school in Wi-Fi.

The school district seems to take an aloof but polite approach to any parent who brings up the topic. The parents can give various feedback but they are "out of the loop" in terms of having a kind of working input. The district personnel become increasingly quiet and non responsive and do not get back about meetings that initially they proposed. At the end of this week, I learned not from a school official but from another parent that the school district has ordered "safety testing."

What kind of "safety testing" could this be? Could it possibly be someone who will come in and do readings to confirm that the Wi-Fi "does not exceed FCC limits?" Is this the school district version of Edison and PG&E? Yet industry (utility as well as mobile phone companies) are big business, and we're used to them behaving with a kind of ruthlessness when it comes to squelching information which could interfere with their market goals. But for a school district? For principals and teachers to behave that way? For educators?

Barry Trower, retired British military intelligence scientist, a physicist and specialist in microwaves, does not mince words about Wi-Fi or the way school personnel are handling this:
"Wi Fi should be wiped out of schools at a stroke today to protect all the children," he states. I suspect he would also call into question the so-called "safety testing" my son's school district has ordered: "A lot of people make the mistake in believing that children are small adults. And unlike medication-there you have an adult dose and a children's dose-with microwaves there is the adult dose, but there is no known safe dose of microwave safe radiation anywhere in the world published for a child." He says the schools are using "intentional ignorance. . . They will only look at and believe the research they want to. They will not acknowledge most of the real research and most of the risks. There is such a pressure and hype to get this technology."
In the videos below (and also the illustration that he drew to make the point as simple as possible), Trower discusses genetic effects of exposing children and our population to microwave radiation. He is especially concerned about Wi-Fi because of its impact on young children.

Wi-Fi in schools
Here are two videos of Barry Trower, the first a short one and the second a longer interview. This quote is taken from the second interview:
Young girls are born with all the . . . . eggs they are going to need to develop into fully grown eggs and children. We know that microwaves affect the ovarian follicles and can affect the ovarian eggs. We know that the microwaves. . . can cause genetic damage. If you think of a young girl at school-she's sitting here and she has the Wi-Fi sets transmitting straight through the uterus into the ovaries. If the young girl damages the ovarian eggs-and we're not going to know this for another 15 years-if the ovarian eggs are damaged, these are irreparable. They can never ever be repaired. The mitochondrial DNA in girls is irreparable. So when that girl - if she has a daughter, that daughter will carry the genetic damage that has been caused by the microwaves and when she has a daughter that daughter will carry the same disease and her daughter and her daughter. . . . So we are now not saying we are risking this generation-we are risking the future generations of all the children in the world from genetic damage. . . ."