Lewandowski, Nuzzi
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Corey Lewandowski • Olivia Nuzzi
Liberalism has seriously become a mental disorder - to the point where these people have no moral boundaries - proven once again after liberal reporter Olivia Nuzzi with New York Magazine not only broke into Trump associate Corey Lewandowski's home - but then stole - and bragged about it on Twitter.

These people have lost their minds, folks, let me tell you, and the more they become unhinged, the greater the risk of the danger they place others in as well as themselves.

What kind of person breaks into your home? A criminal. Except, in this case, it was a reporter with New York Magazine.

Olivia Nuzzi was assigned a story for New York Magazine to cover former White House Communications Director Hope Hicks, in which she arrived at Lewandowski's home at began knocking.

She stood at the entrance for ten minutes pounding on the door, and nobody answered. At that time, Nuzzi took it upon herself to break into the home and began taking pictures.

No, I'm serious. She even posted one of the images on Twitter.
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Not only did Olivia Nuzzi take it upon herself to break into Lewandowski's home, but she then photographed artwork on his walls and posted it to Twitter with the caption, ("THE WILDERNESS SHALL BLOSSOM AS THE ROSE," the message inside "The Lewandowski Embassy," pictured here:).

I'm unsure as to how Nuzzi thought that this was acceptable let alone how she's still employed by New York Magazine after this criminal act.

To make matters worse, what if Lewandowski were asleep or someone else was inside and startled by her breaking in? They could have shot Nuzzi as an intruder, and her life having been lost.

This is outrageously horrific, and borderline showcases some type of mental illness.

Corey Lewandowski appeared on Fox News where he spoke with anchor Martha MacCallum about the incident, in shock that Olivia Nuzzi would stoop to these criminal levels.

"I just want to ask you quickly, Olivia Nuzzi, who actually wrote a story that was an interview with Michael Caputo, who is coming up next," MacCallum said. "You're now suing her, she apparently went into your house, uninvited, according to you?"

"No no, not apparently. According to her!" Lewandowski fired back. "According to her, she broke into my home in Washington, DC."

"We call that breaking and entering unless you call it something else," Lewandowski argued. "You can't just walk into someone's home. She took pictures inside the home, and all of a sudden, a photo album that was at my home has gone missing, right after she left."

"Now I'm not accusing her [of taking the album], I'm just telling you the facts," Lewandowski said.

What in the hell would drive someone to do what Nuzzi did in the first place? It's both shocking, dangerous, and outright criminal. The fact that this isn't being made into a bigger issue by the mainstream media is stunning.

You're talking about a supposed reporter, a liberal reporter, for a major publication like New York Magazine, who literally broke into a Republican's home and took photos of herself doing so, sealing the evidence into the archives of the internet after she posted it online.

We're talking about a moral, ethical, and criminal boundary that should never be crossed by any reporter, journalist, or any member of the media, for any reason.
"You can't just break into someone else's home and say it's under the guise of journalism," Lewandowski correctly stated. "That's not how it works. So my attorney has notified her employer that we will continue to pursue legal action on this."
As he should. Both New York Magazine and Nuzzi should both be responsible as she was there on assignment for the publication.
"Because if this was me, or a Conservative reporter... Walked into the home of... Pick a liberal journalist, a liberal commentator," Lewandowski said. "Whoever that may be? The media would be in outrage. But instead, she had the audacity... She knocked for ten minutes, and nobody answered... Then she just let herself in?"
Lewandowski is spot on. I can see the headlines now if the roles were reversed politically, and the entire liberal media would run this story in comparison to Watergate, making a major fuss out of the fact that an innocent person's home was broken into, and that the reporter had the audacity to post those pictures online.

If there were ever a reason to get off the fence about owning a firearm to defend your home, this is a perfect example. Liberals have lost their minds. The fact that this happened is shocking and scary.

What if your family were in the home? What if you were naked in your home? It doesn't matter what you were doing in your own home at the time, this was a criminal act and it could have caused Nuzzi to be killed in the process. This is just outright sickening, and disturbing.

"How do you do that? That's a crime," Lewandowski said. "She has to be held accountable."

She does, and she will be. We've crossed into uncharted territory now. This is a boundary that should never have been crossed, by anyone, for any reason.

Nuzzi will be paying for these crimes as will New York Magazine. Lewandowski should sue for every penny he can.