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On Friday, Senators Chuck Grassley and Lindsey Graham sent a formal referral to the Department of Justice, calling for federal investigators to inquire about instances where the Senators believe that Steele lied to congressional investigators. This referral makes the first call for charges by any bi-partisan investigation into Russian interference into the 2016 election.

Christopher Steele is a British Citizen who who compiled the now infamous dossier that was the motivation for the start of an FBI Counter-Intelligence investigation into Trump Campaign that began in late 2016. Hillary Clinton's Presidential Campaign along with the DNC funded the creation of the dossier through a $12.2M payment through Clinton's personal lawyer Marc Elias and Private Intelligence firm Fusion GPS.

Prior to Steele's work for the Clinton Campaign on behalf of Fusion GPS, Steele made a lucrative career as an investigator, running his own firm Orbis Business Intelligence. Now, with the recommendation of two senior senators that Steele be investigated by the DOJ, his lucrative career as a spy-for-hire hangs in the balance.

The main question that remains unanswered in this chronicle is whether or not Steele will be forthcoming with investigators, as they seek to gain information from him about his discussions with Russian intelligence agents as part of his work compiling the Trump Dossier. As Steele loses control of his own fate, it seems ever more likely that he will become cooperative with congressional investigators as well as the FBI.
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For Hillary Clinton, Christopher Steele is quickly becoming a free radical that keeps her up at night. As she faces investigations of the Clinton Foundation and her mishandling of classified information, she faces off with a rogue spy.

To avoid indictments and the potential for jail time, Steele is likely to expose the events that led to his hiring by Hillary Clinton and his work with Russian intelligence agents during the compilation of the dossier, which are of particular interest for the Senate Intelligence Committee.