When we reach the old age we develop an enmity with our own image on the mirror. We get frustrated and upset when we see grey hairs, and wrinkles. The grace of our skin seems to have faded away. But you don't have to be sad anymore if you follow these measures routinely and comfortably, in a way you can slow down the aging process.

Due to the decline in physical and mental illness, we may also come under the grasp of diseases like Alzheimer's which can further degrade our health and bodily conditions.

Exercise that reverses the signs of age

A new study published in open-access journal Frontiers In Human Neuroscience established that older people who regularly exercise reverse the signs of age in their brain which makes them feel less old. And one the most efficient and fun form of exercise is Dancing.

Scientists and doctors say that dancing and endurance training increases the area of the brain that declines with age. Dancing has the ability to counteract the age-related decline in mental and physical capacity leading to noticeable behavioral changes.

The study conducted with 62 participants between 63-80 years of age, forming two groups. They split them into a dance group and an endurance training group.

Dancing affects the brain

The dancing members were assigned dance routines with changing choreographers which they had to memorize accurately. The programme for sports group included endurance training, strength and flexibility building tasks. Both groups showed an increase in the hippocampus region of their brain.

However, only participants in the dance group showed volume increases in the subfields of the left hippocampus and one subfield of right hippocampus named subiculum.

After teaching different dance methods with constant changes in speed, patterns, and formations, it gave better results than the after-effects which researchers found of that of cycling or walking. They are working towards developing other similar projects to maximize anti-aging effects on the brain.

Dancing for the rhythmically challenged

They have also made provisions for those who do not have any sense of music or rhythm. Instead of being embarrassed by how one looks while dancing, the aim is to lose yourself and just enjoy the music.

Dr. Rehfeld advises that physical activity is one the factors which contribute to a healthy, youthful lifestyle. He thinks dancing is a powerful tool to set challenges for the body even during one's old age.