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Within the domain of the alien abduction phenomenon, there are a number of accounts of people reportedly taken on-board UFOs and submerged into mysterious liquids, or gels - as in completely submerged. Very oddly, and as the abductees state, the liquid does not prevent them from breathing normally. Researcher Helmut Lammer - in an article titled New Evidence of Military Involvement in Abductions - tells the story of a woman who he refers to as "Lisa," and who found herself in just this precise situation. Lisa was an alien abductee, but she was also someone who was subjected to what have become known as Milabs - or "military abductions." It was in this latter context that Lisa had a very traumatic experience, as Lammer shows.

Lammer says Lisa was taken against her will to what turned out to be a below-surface facility, in which she "...saw naked humans floating in tubes. Lisa claims that she was forced by humans into some type of pool filled with a golden yellow bubbly fluid, while other humans looked at her. Lisa has traumatic recollections that her kidnappers tried to make her and other victims able to breathe in the liquid. In two of the before mentioned cases the abductee was forced to breathe the liquid like Lisa. The hypnosis transcripts reveal that the liquid breathing experiences were traumatic for the abductees. Both abductees where totally immersed in the liquid and both reported that they could breathe the fluid."

Then, there is this from another abductee: "I found myself inside a clear glass cylinder, totally submerged in some kind of warm fluid, thicker than water, thinner than oil. To my surprise, I was able to breathe this warm fluid without discomfort. I could also open my eyes without a problem. The solution was clear, of a greenish color and the container was softly lit. I remember, still fully submerged in this solution, that I slowly began to recall the abduction that had taken me away from my bedroom, minutes, maybe hours before."

There is also this one: "...I woke up again, this timer naked in a funnel shaped pool filled with a greenish black gel type liquid. The pool had to be 20 yards wide all around. And pretty deep. The pool was made of some kind of shiny metal. With the gel it made the surface very slippery and you would slip under the gel if you tried to get out. I then realized something very odd at that time. I wasn't alone. There were at least 15 other humans with me. All of them screaming and panicking..."

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