Robert Mueller
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With Robert Mueller's indictment of Paul Manafort, the special 'witch-hunt' investigation into "Russiagate" has resulted in charges against a DC lobbyist for working with Ukraine to influence US Congressmen..."Ukrainegate?"

There is no Russia connection to be found.

Peter Lavelle and his CrossTalk panel examined the real reasons behind Mueller's indictment of Manafort, exposing how those investigating "collusion" are the very same people that have colluded with foreign actors.

Former CIA analyst Ray McGovern opens up the segment by simply stating that Robert Mueller is a "fraud".
"He [Mueller] is going after the little people to try to run them, to try and get them to squeal on the others."


"He [Mueller] covered up 9/11. As US attorney in Boston, he cover up murders by some of Boston FBI agents. He covered up torture. Her covered up illegal surveillance. And last but not least...when James Comey (his best friend so to speak) said that when he leaked to the New York Times, that Trump had told him bad things about 'stopping the investigation on Mike Flynn'...what did Comey do, he leaked to the New York Times.

And when he was asked why did you leak that the New York Times, he said, 'well because I wanted a special counsel appointed.'"
McGovern concluded by paraphrasing Comey as saying, "I prayed it could be my best friend Bob Mueller."

Ned Ryun, from American Majority followed McGovern's comments...
"If Mueller's attempt is to squeeze Manafort to get him flip, flip on what, a fairytale? I have been saying this on TV for months and months...that the Trump-Russia collusion is a fairytale, and I think one of the biggest hoaxes that the American left and the mainstream media have tried to pull over on the American people."