flash floods after Laos dam burst
© YouTube/Xov Xwm_Lom Zem (screen capture)
A destructive flash flood occurred when a dam under construction unexpectedly burst open sent people in its wake running for their lives in the Laos province of Xieng Khouang.

Video of the Sept. 11 disaster shows the raging waters growing more widespread as workers run for higher ground while some unsuccessfully attempt to drive vehicles out of harm's way.

An unidentified woman screams in a panic, presumably instructing them to leave the vehicles and get to safety:

Many farmlands in Thathom District in Xaysomboun Province were flooded, according to the Lao News Agency. Fortunately, everybody managed to avoid the raging waters, as no injuries or deaths were reported.

The Nam Ao Hydropower Project in Phaxay District, under construction since 2015 by the Thong Inter Company, was 85 percent completed when it broke open.

Another video shows the water pouring out of the breached dam:

The Lao News Agency reported that officials from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment are investigating the cause of the incident and estimating the damages.