Running coach Paul Lind poses next to first snow on Ben Nevis
Running coach Paul Lind poses next to first snow on Ben Nevis
The first snow of winter has fallen just days after summer ended.

Scotland is now shivering in a four-day polar chill with frost, snow and hail forecast.

An inch of snow fell on Ben Nevis in the Highlands yesterday less than two weeks after summer finished.

Running coach Paul Lind - who scaled the mountain and caught a glimpse of the snow - said: "Ben Nevis had 2cm of fresh snow on the summit ridge."

Snow expert Iain Cameron added: "The first UK snow of the 2017-18 season is confirmed."

Hikers also battled 45mph polar gales making 0.7C temperatures feel like -8C yesterday on Cairngorm.

The Met Office warned of more snow flurries over the weekend on higher Scottish peaks.

Snow is due in the Highlands and the Met Office said nights down to 3C are due, with localised frost in Scotland.

Government forecasters said cold polar winds from the Norwegian Sea and sharp showers would chill the weekend.

Met Office forecaster Grahame Madge said: "Colder Arctic maritime air is being funnelled to Scotland by the remnants of Storm Aileen.

"There is a risk of snow flurries on the highest mountains with sleet possible lower down. Low levels do not have a snow or sleet risk, but could see hail anywhere.

"Frost could be seen locally in Scotland. 3C nights are forecast in the North of the UK, with daytime highs a little below average."