Bala Lake Wales

Bala Lake, Gwynedd, Wales
If you're into the subject of Cryptozoology, you will probably be familiar with a presently unidentified critter that is alleged to haunt the waters of Bala Lake, in Gwynedd, Wales (you can find one of my articles on the story here). It's a very weird tale which is filled with intrigue and drama. And even a bit of conspiracy. The intrigue and drama relates to the witness reports. As for the conspiracy angle, there are tales that in the build-up to World War One, the British military was using the lake as a place to train seals to attack German warships - kamikaze-style - with explosives attached to them. And hiding it all under the guise of a lake-monster legend. Maybe there is a bit of truth to this latter angle, but I'm not holding my breath. That said, however, there is a slightly similar story of cover-ups and monsters that might not have been monsters, after all. It concerns another creature of the deep. This one is known as Paddler.

Now, onto the latest on Bala Lake's resident monster, "Teggie." As I noted in one of my other, earlier articles: "...there's a story which dates back to 1973, and that is related in issue 22 of the Center for Fortean Zoology's magazine, Animals & Men. That was the year in which a team of divers surveyed Norton Mere, a body of water located in Shropshire, England. While checking out the mere, the group was shocked by a brief, shadowy encounter with an enormous beast, one which churned the waters and created a huge wake. It was the conclusion of the group that what they had encountered was a northern pike of very large proportions."

Pike caught Bala Lake Wales

Not a monster, but still a Pike
This brings me to the latest development in the saga of Bala Lake and Teggie. Last weekend I received a communication from a resident of Dublin, Ireland. In 2015, Colin M traveled to North Wales with his wife and kids. They spent a week checking out the landscape and seeing all the sights. That included Bala Lake, which is less than four miles in length and barely half a mile wide. As for its depth, Bala Lake is slightly less than 140 feet deep.

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