UFO report
Are extraterrestrials watching what's going on in Washington these days? It would be nice to know that someone or something is and perhaps that's why some people believe they saw a UFO buzz past the US Capitol Building on a Fox News broadcast. Has this ever happened before? Yes! It turns out this year is the 65th anniversary of the 1952 UFO sighting that has come to be known as the Washington National Airport Sightings, the Invasion of Washington or the Washington Flap. Flap? Sounds like these sightings might be related. Let's find out.

The 2017 Washington Flap II started on August 14 when a story about college interns on Capitol Hill showed a clip of the US Capitol Building that appeared to include a yellow saucer-shaped UFO flying in front of it. The blurry object appears to be much closer to the camera than to the Capitol, which prompted speculation that it's a plastic flying disc (you know the brand), a flying creature or a CGI graphic. Are people REALLY tossing discs that close to Capitol security guards these days? And if it's CGI, it's pretty poor. Since there were no reports of any unknown aircraft breaching DC airspace on August 14 (Would we really hear about them? Definitely.) and the witness is one of the thousands of anonymous sources in DC, that's all we have on this sighting. For now, you'll have listen very hard to hear any flapping.

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