Charlottesville car crowd
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Let's get something clear in our minds about the 'Unite the Right' rally at Charlottesville, Virginia last weekend. It was organized by fringe elements, people who are actually racist and explicitly embrace fascism. You can see that in the fact that they drew only a few hundred people to their cause, and that - in scenes resembling Victoria Nuland's 'liberated' Ukraine - they wore Nazi-style helmets, displayed Nazi-style symbols, and conducted a torch-lit parade while chanting "Jews will not replace us." Even militia members in attendance distanced themselves from "those lunatics." The cause they were leaping to the defense of is something else though; I'll return to that.

While it might be refreshing to see Western MSM unequivocally condemn their antics - a task made easy by one of the Hitler-fanboys going on a murderous rampage - their vociferous denunciations only expose their rank hypocrisy in apologizing for the similarly neo-Nazi antics that have been on vivid display in Ukraine since 2014. Like everyone else in officialdom, the MSM only cries 'Nazi!' when it's politically expedient to do so.

It's oh-so-convenient that the fallout over the Charlottesville events serves to divide the right and generally undermine the popular conservative backlash against the predominantly liberal establishment and its ultra-liberal minions in academia and other fields, which push its own brands of extremist ideological nonsense like 'identity politics' - nonsense that is actively undermining the fabric of society, dividing the population along numerous lines, and opening the door for god-knows-what horrors to come.

Call it what you will - Alt-Right, New Right, True Republicanism, Conservatism, Traditional Values - people went with Trump last November because he was the most sensible option. That needs emphasis; Americans voted for Trump for reasons to do with common sense, not ideology. Trump, under other circumstances, could have sold out to the Democratic Party and used it to strike for power, and voters, under other circumstances, could have elected Sanders as their means of lobbing a Molotov cocktail at Washington.

Charlottesville riot

James Alex Fields Jr., charged with murder after he drove his car at speed into counter-protestors at the 'Unite the Right' rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, last Saturday, 12 August 2017
Ideology and ideologues of both left and right varieties do not interest most people. It took Clinton labeling masses of Americans 'supporters of the Alt-Right', when she used that term in a campaign speech last August for most to learn about the existence of a thing called the 'Alt-Right'. Next to no one identified with it until that identity was picked out for them by the system. We know the FBI and other agencies have had COINTELPRO running through every political or semi-political organization in the US since forever. A possible recent addition: Jason Kessler, the organizer of the 'Unite the Right' rally, the guy you saw literally run out of town during his press conference Sunday, was, until November 2016, an Obama supporter and previously an activist within the far-left Occupy Wall Street movement.

The crazy-making part about it is the deliberate mixing of ideology (and the more extreme the better) with just causes. With far-left ideologues targeting cultural symbols that loom large in the beliefs of - for argument's sake - half the country's population, a surefire way to generate strong public backlash is to destroy statues representative of or associated with the losing side in a war in which the US literally tore itself apart (and from which it arguably never really healed). But the voice of that body of common sense - the predominantly conservative majority - can't be heard above the racket because they've been beaten to the cause by self-appointed defenders of conservative traditions and history: the torch-carrying, German WW2 helmet-wearing, far-right, low-intelligence nut-jobs.

Durham confederate statue

Radical Alt-Left SJWs celebrate after destroying a statue of a Confederate solder in Durham, North Carolina, Monday, 14 August 2017
Notice how emboldened the Left is since Charlottesville; city authorities everywhere are talking about accelerating their programs to destroy or remove Confederate symbols, minority special interest groups are calling for literally every single town and city in the US "to remove or change the name of anything named after Confederate sympathizers," and jumped-up SJWs aren't waiting around for their orders.

Under cover of darkness, Baltimore city council last night removed 4 Confederate statues. Actually, one of them was unrelated to the Civil War; it was a statue of a Supreme Court justice who the Left doesn't like because he made a 'racist' ruling... in 1857! Whatever 'sound reasons' anyone can give about the merits of destroying or removing monuments to historical figures who held some views that are now generally considered antisocial and inhuman, these are not being balanced with consideration for the positive contributions these figures made to their communities and country, contributions that form the bedrock of shared American cultural and historical experience (warts and all).

Do such extreme actions remind you of anything? The Taliban detonating 1,500-year old statues of Buddha in Afghanistan? ISIS destroying 'idolatrous' artifacts in Syria, perhaps? Poland rewriting its history to airbrush its Soviet days? Or Mao's 'cultural revolution' in China? How far is this going to go? Is this America's Year Zero?
The idea behind Year Zero is that all culture and traditions within a society must be completely destroyed or discarded and a new revolutionary culture must replace it, starting from scratch. All history of a nation or people before Year Zero is deemed largely irrelevant, as it will ideally be purged and replaced from the ground up.
Trump deep state
When Clinton and other top Swamp Monsters announced, immediately after he was elected, that they would launch a national campaign of resistance against Trump, they sure weren't kidding around. After months of violence carried out by the far-left at Conservative events - egged on every step of the way by the media - the president was mercilessly harangued after the Charlottesville brawl for his failure to toe the party line of condemning only the far-right.

This strategy of targeting cultural symbols then playing extremists against extremists to tar and silence the majority is textbook divide-and-conquer. It has been used repeatedly by the authorities to ensure that public anger is directed inwardly rather upwardly towards the corrupt warmongering psychopaths in Washington (both the elected and unelected varieties). At some level, I think they're driven to continue the process of cowing a popular president into submission because they seek to punish the American people for their 'disloyalty'.

The likely result of 'Unite the Right' is that it will divide the Right and significantly dampen the popular conservative backlash against the US Establishment... for now. As the corrupt elites continue using and abusing the people, compelled feelings of shame for holding 'Conservative' values and not wholeheartedly agreeing with Leftist 'utopian' ideologies may eventually provoke a backlash from the silent majority. God help anyone caught on the wrong side of the fence when that day comes.