Modesto Walgreens
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A Modesto Walgreens (pictured above) was briefly evacuated on Saturday morning after a man set his underpants on fire in the store's bathroom.
A man set his underpants on fire in a Modesto Walgreens Saturday, prompting a storewide evacuation.

45-year-old Andrew Cheadle reportedly told Modesto police that he had an accident, and when he could not remove his underwear, he attempted to use a lighter to burn them off, according to the Modesto Bee.

Cheadle then tossed the burning underwear in a toilet, extinguishing the fire and generating enough smoke to fill the bathroom. The Walgreens, at Standiford Avenue and Carver Road, was evacuated shortly thereafter, at about 9:20 a.m.

The suspect exited the store after admitting to employees that he had started the fire. Police found and arrested him in a nearby neighborhood, but not but not on suspicion of the pants fire. According to the Bee, Cheadle had two felony warrants issued from Sacramento.