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James Comey testifies befor Senate Intelligence Committee
The truth about what we learned from James Comey hearing.

Now that the James Comey testimony has come to a conclusion and the mainstream liberal left media is crying impeachment for Trump uttering the words "I hope" to the former FBI director, here is a factual breakdown of what really took place yesterday during Comey's bizarre testimony before congress, and why, after hearing the testimony, Trump was 100% correct in firing the FBI director.

1. James Comey was a source of leaks. He admitted it.
Not only is Comey a "leaker", but he does not even have the guts to leak stuff himself. Comey admitted to having a friend leak his memos for him.

That makes Comey a "leaker" and a coward.
VERDICT: You're fired!

2. Many of the other leaks, scoops and anonymous sources being touted by new outlets like the CNN, the WaPo and NYT are all lies.
Comey never publicly denounced the pieces being published as fake news...he allowed the liberal media to get away with a well orchestrated character assassination of President Trump.
VERDICT: You're fired!

3. We learned that President Obama's Attorney General Loretta Lynch asked James Comey to downplay the Hillary Clinton's email scandal.
Comey said Lynch instructed Comey not to call the criminal investigation into the Clinton server a criminal investigation. Instead, Lynch told Comey to call it a "matter," Comey said, "which confused me."

Comey cited that pressure from Lynch to downplay the investigation as one of the reasons he held a press conference to recommend the Department of Justice not seek to indict Clinton.

Why did Comey agree to make untrue statements about Hillary Clinton, but with Trump he refused to issue true statements about Trump, mainly that Trump was not being investigated by the FBI?

Why did Comey make and then leak detailed memos about his meetings with Trump, but did no such thing when he met with Lynch, even after being pressured to help Hillary Clinton's investigation?
VERDICT: You're fired!

4. Comey deliberately tried to sabotage President Trump.
Comey leaked memos to force the appointment of a special prosecutor.

Comey was more than willing to cover up for the Hillary Clinton campaign, but would not concede truthful fact about Trump, knowing such facts would help bury the entire Russiagate narrative.

Comey acted like a weasel, running to his car to take notes after every meeting with Trump. This is not the action of a government employee looking to help make Trump's presidency a success. It is the action of an employee looking to rat out his boss, from the very get go.
VERDICT: You're fired!

5. The Russian collusion story is falling apart in spectacular fashion.
Comey bashed Russia consistently throughout the testimony, but provided zero evidence of any concrete "collusion" or "election meddling".

Comey admitted that no votes were changed and the outcome of the election was never in doubt.

Comey also admitted that Trump is NOT under investigation, and that Trump even told him to go get any "satellites" that the FBI finds "colluded" with Russia, whatever that even means.

Considering all this about Russiagate, Comey knowingly allowed the fake news story to fester and damage Trump.
VERDICT: You're fired!

Tucker Carlson goes into detail on the Comey testimony and also concludes that the lessons are these...
FBI has been exposed as a political battleground, executive branch's effectiveness compromised by leaks, many of them untrue and the media have cheered it.