Thousands of people watched Corbyn give a speech
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Thousands of people came out to see Jeremy Corbyn on Tyneside on 5 June. But you wouldn't know that from watching the BBC.

Although there was a massive crowd in Gateshead to see Corbyn speak, the BBC was apparently too busy covering a visit from Theresa May to a few dozen supporters in Scotland to take notice.

A number of annoyed Twitter commentators noticed this:

And as former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott pointed out, this event was hardly insignificant:

Two very different campaigns

Elsewhere on 5 June, Theresa May was visiting Scotland. And an organizer reportedly had to remind the 70 or so supporters gathered in Edinburgh to cheer and clap to avoid it looking "like there is no one here".

There was no need for such a reminder back in Gateshead:

But many people were thoroughly unimpressed with the BBC apparently prioritising coverage of May's trip over Corbyn's rally. One of these people was Shadow Education Secretary Angela Rayner, who said:

That's been the story of the 2017 election campaign so far, though. The routine defence of the Tories by establishment media outlets has continued. And opposition politicians have had to fight hard to get their message out. But in spite of all the obstacles in their way, the message of hope and change has spread. And the massive crowds that Jeremy Corbyn has attracted throughout the country are testament to that.

Corbyn's message in Gateshead

The Labour leader made his message clear, insisting that Britain has suffered:
seven years of cuts, seven years of closures, seven years of frozen wages, seven years of underfunded schools, hospital waiting lists, and so much more... It's time for a change.
And while BBC Newcastle apparently had little to say on the rally, one BBC reporter posted the following video. In it, Corbyn spoke about the condescending politicians or media outlets that claim Corbyn supporters don't understand reality. And he challenged that arrogance by insisting:
We absolutely do understand it.
See Corbyn's full speech here: